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Sherpa - Tigris & Euphrates
Hokr - Klid V Bezčasí
The Flaming Lips - Clouds Taste Metallic
Seventh Wonder - Tiara
Bi Kyo Ran - Anthology vol.1
Sanguine Hum - Now We Have Power
DRH - Thin Ice
Various Artists - Hamtai! - Hommage à la musique de Christian Vander
ALU - Die Vertreibung der Zeit (1980-1986)
Riverside - Wasteland
Datashock - Kräuter der Provinz
Rotor - Sechs
Gösta Berlings Saga - ET EX
Dream Theater - When dream and day reunite (Official bootleg)
Dan Caine - Cascades
Crippled Black Phoenix - A Love Of Shared Disasters
Neal Morse - The Similitude Of A Dream Live In Tilburg 2017
Kuusumun Profeetta - Hymyilevien Laivojen Satama
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Band  Album Jahr Ø-Wertung # Rezis
10 ccLook Hear! (Are You Normal?)19800.001
10 ccBloody Tourists19780.001
3RDegreeLive At Progday 2009 (DVD)20109.001
3RDegreeThe Long Division201211.001
3RDegreeHuman Interest Story19964.001
4 PSBlues für ein Mädchen / Die Hits200510.001
A Chinese Firedrill"Circles"20069.502
The Aaron Clift ExperimentIf All Goes Wrong20187.502
AbbhamaAlam Raya197910.001
Abigail's GhostBlack Plastic Sun20159.001
Lee AbrahamColours20179.502
Lee AbrahamBlack & White20097.001
Lee AbrahamThe Seasons Turn201611.001
Lee Abraham Steve Kingmanidle Noise20088.002
AcantheSomeone Somewhere200913.001
AcheBlå Som Altid19778.001
AchePictures From Cyclus 719767.001
AcidenteQuebre este disco20006.001
Acqua FragileA New Chant20179.001
A.C.TTrifles and Pandemonium201610.001
A.C.TLast Epic20038.001
A.C.TToday's Report19997.502
A.C.TCircus Pandemonium20149.002
A.C.TImaginary Friends20017.001
Acute MindAcute Mind201010.001
Steve AdamsMaiden voyage19978.001
Steve AdamsCamera Obscura20047.002
AdramelchLights From Obliveon201210.001
AeneasNew Renaissance201511.502
After CryingCreatura201110.003
AgenessShowing paces199210.001
Agent CooperFrom The Ashes20128.002
Agents Of MercyThe Fading Ghosts Of Twilight20097.254
AirbridgeParadise Moves19827.001
AjalonOn The Threshold Of Eternity20053.673
Aku-AkuMezi psem a vlkem19956.502
Rafael AlfaroRetratos19978.001
Alias EyeField Of Names200110.754
Alias EyeIn Focus200711.002
Alias EyeBeyond The Mirror200010.002
Alias EyeIn-Between201210.254
AlquinOne More Night200310.001
Alrune RodSpredt For Vinden19739.001
Alrune RodAlrune Rock19728.001
AltaViaGirt Dog20118.502
Leon AlvaradoThe Future left behind20162.001
AmAndALa Maison de Flore200712.002
Amaran's PlightVoice in the Light20077.001
The Amber LightPlay20085.673
AmenophisYou and I19886.001
Amity in FameThrough20119.502
Amon Düül IIOnly Human19785.002
Amon Düül IIHi-Jack19748.001
Amon Düül IIPyragony X19765.001
Amon Düül IIAlmost Alive19776.502
An Endless SporadicAn Endless Sporadic200910.002
The AnabasisBack From Being Gone20116.003
AnantaWheels Of Time19786.001
The AnchoressConfessions of a Romance Novelist20166.673
Ian AndersonWalk Into Light19837.003
Jon Anderson3 Ships19850.001
Jon AndersonWatching the Flags That Fly20063.001
Jon AndersonSurvival & other stories20107.001
Jon AndersonIn the City of Angels19881.003
Anderson Ponty BandBetter Late Than Never20156.002
AngeZénith an II200712.001
AngeVu d'un chien19807.001
AngeCulinaire Lingus200112.002
AngeSouffleurs de vers20079.001
Anima MundiJagannath Orbit200811.002
Annie Haslam's RenaissanceBlessing In Disguise19943.001
AnsurWarring Factions200813.001
Ant-BeeElectronic Church Muzik20119.001
Anti-Depressive DeliveryThe Best Of Antidepressive Delivery20109.001
Antony Kalugins Kinematics OrchestraAKKO I20138.001
Anyone's DaughterTrio Tour200610.502
Anyone's DaughterNeue Sterne19838.003
Anyone's DaughterWrong200410.002
Anyone's DaughterLast tracks19867.002
Anyone's DaughterDanger World200110.002
Anyone's DaughterCalw Live201110.502
Aphrodite's ChildIt's five o'clock19693.001
AragonMr. Angel19986.001
ArchiveTake My Head19995.001
Arco IrisAgitor Lucens V197411.001
Arctic VoidEntangled20167.001
Finn ArildTestament20107.003
ArilynTomorrow Never Comes200210.001
ArkWild Untamed Imaginings201011.001
ArkSpiritual Physics199310.001
ArkCover Me With Rain19927.001
ArkThe Dreams Of Mr. Jones19888.001
Armed CloudObsidian Desert20157.001
ArmoniteAnd The Stars Above201811.001
Arti & MestieriQuinto stato19795.001
Ashes And DustListen With The Eyes200310.001
AsiaFantasia. Live in Tokyo (DVD)20079.001
AsiaLive in Massachussettes '8320047.001
AsiaSilent Nation20046.004
AsiaLive in Buffalo20038.001
AsiaArchiva 1 & 220055.502
AsiaSpirit of the Night - Live in Cambridge 0920109.001
AsiaFantasia. Live in Tokyo20079.002
AsiaAlive in Hallowed Halls20027.001
AtlantycaTo Nowhere And Beyond20129.001
AtollRock Puzzle19799.001
Atraxymoonlight-drunken eyes20026.001
AudienceFriend's Friend's Friend197010.001
AudienceThe House On The Hill19718.502
AudioPlastikIn The Head Of A Maniac20157.002
Brian AugerAuger Rhythms20030.001
Brian AugerBefour19709.001
AyreonThe Theory Of Everything201310.002
AyreonAyreon vs. Avantasia (Elected EP)20086.002
AzabacheNo, Gracias19808.001
Baba JagaMemorial Ceremony19849.001
Baba Scholae69201210.001
Sophya BacciniAradia200911.001
Max BaconThe Higher You Climb19952.001
Max BaconFrom The Banks Of The River Irwell20022.001
Ken BairdFurther Out20087.001
Balloon AstronomyBalloon Astronomy20118.003
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoUrgentissimo19802.001
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoNon mettere le dita nel naso19892.001
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoBuone notizie19812.001
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso...E via19851.001
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoBanco19833.001
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoIl 1319943.002
Tony BanksThrowback (Single)19890.001
Tony BanksBankstatement19891.001
Tony BanksA Chord Too Far201513.001
Tony BanksThe Fugitive19835.333
Tony BanksStrictly inc.19959.502
Barclay James HarvestLegacy - Live at The Shepherd´s Bush Empire20078.001
Barclay James HarvestVictims of Circumstance19844.001
Barclay James HarvestEveryone Is Everybody Else197410.502
Barclay James HarvestRiver of Dreams19978.001
Barclay James HarvestLive tapes197811.001
Barclay James HarvestSea of Tranquility. The Polydor Years 1974-1997200911.001
Barclay James HarvestBarclay James Harvest19706.673
Barclay James HarvestOnce Again197110.502
Barclay James HarvestBarclay James Harvest & Other Short Stories19729.502
Barclay James HarvestEyes of the Universe19796.673
Barclay James HarvestBaby James Harvest19728.333
Barclay James HarvestBest of Barclay James Harvest19910.001
Barclay James HarvestCaught In The Light19937.001
Barclay James HarvestAll is safely gathered in - An anthology 1967-1997200511.502
Barclay James HarvestTurn of the Tide19815.001
Barclay James HarvestOctoberon197610.333
Barclay James HarvestGone To Earth19779.002
Barclay James HarvestLegacy - Live at The Shepherd´s Bush Empire (DVD)200712.001
Peter BardensBig Sky19944.001
Peter BardensHeart To Heart19795.001
Peter BardensFurther Than You Know19933.001
Peter BardensWater Colors19917.001
Peter BardensThe Art Of Levitation20023.001
Peter BardensSeen One Earth19878.001
Peter BardensSpeed Of Light19884.001
BaronessYellow & Green20124.502
Colin BassIn the meantime200310.001
Colin BassAs far as I can see (Maxi)19980.001
Colin BassAn outcast of the islands199910.001
Colin BassLive at Polskie Radio 3199910.001
Colin BassLive - Vol.2 "Acoustic songs"20008.001
Colin Bass - Józef SkrzekPlanetarium200610.001
The BeatlesYellow Submarine Songtrack19990.001
The BeatlesLet it be197010.001
The BeatlesAbbey Road196915.001
Beggar's OperaGet Your Dog Off Me!19734.002
Beggar's OperaPathfinder19727.001
Behind Closed DoorsNo Exit20109.333
Adrian BelewYoung Lions19908.001
Adrian BelewTwang Bar King19839.001
Adrian BelewInner Revolution19929.001
Adrian BelewDesire Of The Rhino King19910.001
Adrian BelewHere19945.673
Adrian BelewThe acoustic Adrian Belew19937.001
BelieveSeeing Is Believing (DVD)201210.001
BelieveYesterday is a friend200811.002
BelieveThis Bread Is Mine20099.333
BelieveHope To See Another Day - live (DVD)20088.001
BelieveHope To See Another Day20068.003
BelieveWorld Is Round20109.673
Bent KneeLand Animal201711.003
Francois BérangerL'alternative197510.001
Robert BerryPilgrimage To A Point19938.002
Big Big TrainThe Second Brightest Star20179.001
Big Big TrainEnglish boy wonders19977.502
Big Big TrainFolklore201610.003
Big SleepBluebell Wood19719.001
BishopsplaceSignals From The Harbour Side20037.001
BittertownScenes From The Box20086.673
Black WidowSee's the light of day20127.001
BlackfieldWelcome to my DNA20117.004
BlackfieldNYC (DVD)200710.001
BlackfieldBlackfield II20078.504
BlacklandsPeaceful Shores20166.001
Blast FurnaceBlast Furnace197110.001
Christoph BlenkerCamouflage20078.001
Blezqi ZatsazThe tide turns20027.502
Blind EgoLiquid201610.002
Blind EgoLiquid Live201710.001
Blind EgoNumb200910.502
Peter BlinneStar Tracks20188.001
Blocco MentalePoa19739.002
Blurred VisionOrganized Insanity20159.001
BolusWatch your step20119.001
BolusDelayed Reaction201011.001
Christian BouleNon-Fiction19797.001
David BowieNothing Has Changed.20140.001
David BowieNever let me down19873.003
David BowieHeathen200211.502
David BowieSlow Burn200211.001
David BowieWelcome to the Blackout (Live London '78)201810.001
David BowieTonight19844.001
David BowieThe singles collection19970.001
David BowieReality20039.254
David BowieDavid Live197411.001
David BowieA Reality Tour201011.001
David BowieThe Buddha Of Suburbia199312.001
David BowieSpace Oddity196911.001
David BowieHours19999.333
David BowieThe Man Who Sold The World19719.001
David BowieAladdin Sane19739.502
David BowieDavid Bowie Box20080.001
David BowieThe Next Day201310.002
David BowieLive Santa Monica '72200811.001
David BowieLet's dance19836.002
The BoxBlack Dog There20057.001
Boys´n WitchesSun And Moon20049.001
Andy John Bradford's Oceans 5Return to Mingulay20143.003
Victor BradyBrown Rain19709.001
BraggpeakThe Shoot20117.001
Braver Since ThenAdorned Weakness20077.001
Breathing SpaceComing Up For Air20077.001
Breathing SpaceBelow The Radar20096.001
Paul BremnerThe Witness20169.001
Aaron BrooksHomunculus201810.001
Brother ApeKarma20177.002
Brother ApeIII20089.502
Brother ApeOn The Other Side200510.502
Jack BruceHarmony Row197112.001
Jack BruceOut of the Storm197410.001
Jack BruceDoing This... On Ice!200110.001
Jack BruceI've Always Wanted To Do This19808.001
Dec BurkeParadigms & Storylines20118.001
Tim BurnessVision On200710.001
Burnin Red IvanhoeRight on19749.001
C-SidesWe Are Now20179.001
CaamoraShe (DVD)20080.002
CaamoraJourney's End... an acoustic anthology20082.001
CaamoraWalk On Water20077.001
Cactus PeyoteCactus Peyote20015.001
John CaleHobo sapiens200310.502
John Cale5 tracks200312.001
CálixA Roda200310.001
CálixVentos de outono - Ao vivo200710.001
CamelRain Dances19778.503
CamelI Can See Your House From Here19797.003
CamelThe Single Factor19825.502
CamelOn The Road 198219945.001
Canterbury GlassSacred Scenes and Characters200710.001
CanvasLong Way To Mars20138.001
Capability BrownFrom Scratch197211.001
Capability BrownVoice197412.001
Captain BeefheartThe Spotlight Kid19729.001
Captain BeefheartClear Spot19728.001
Captain BeefheartLive from Vancouver 197320147.001
Captain BeefheartGrow Fins (Rarities 1965-1982)19990.001
Captain BeefheartSafe As Milk19678.333
Captain BeefheartUnconditionally Guaranteed19744.001
Captain BeefheartBluejeans & Moonbeams19743.001
CaravanCunning Stunts19758.001
CaravanBlind Dog at St. Dunstans19766.001
CaravanLive at the Fairfield Halls, 1974200211.001
CaravanThe Album19802.001
CaravanHere Am I20050.001
CaravanBetter By Far19774.001
CaravanSurprise Supplies19998.001
CaravanThe Battle Of Hastings19956.001
CaravanTravelling Man19980.001
CaravanTravelling Ways20020.001
CaravanCool Water19942.001
CaravanEther Way19987.001
CaravanBack To Front19826.001
CaravanParadise Filter20148.002
Franck CarducciTorn Apart20158.001
CarmenDancing On A Cold Wind197510.001
CarmenFandangos in Space19739.002
CarnegieRock and Roll Symphonie20018.001
Alex CarpaniSo Close, So Far20169.001
CastanarcLittle gods19984.001
Gavin CastletonA Bullet, A Lever, A Key20070.001
Gavin CastletonHome200912.001
CatharsisVolume 6 "et s'aimer ... et mourir ..."19775.001
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsNo More Shall We Part200113.502
Central Parkreflected20119.002
Chac MoolEl Mensajero de los Dioses200010.001
ChardeauHors portée - Highlight20053.502
ChicagoThe Chicago Transit Authority196911.502
ChicagoChicago II197011.001
Children of NovaImpossible Landscape201210.001
ChrisA Glimpse Inside20096.001
Cinema by PöngseThe MagiX Box20125.001
Cinema (DE)Isolation19856.001
Circa:Circa: 200720075.001
Circle of BardsTales20108.001
Circle of IllusionJeremias - Foreshadow of Forgotten Realms201311.004
Circus (GB)Circus19699.001
CirePleasure Is Our Enemy200111.001
Clarion CallThe next big thing200015.001
Paul ClarkShredz At An Exhibition200610.001
Closure in MoscowPink Lemonade201411.001
Clouds CanLeave201710.001
Coheed And CambriaYear of the Black Rainbow20109.002
Paula ColeThis Fire19960.001
ColosseumTomorrow's Blues20038.001
ColosseumBread & Circuses19979.001
Combination HeadProgress?200711.001
Combo FHSituace na strese19859.001
ComusTo Keep From Crying19745.502
Conqueror74 Giorni20079.001
ConspiracyThe Unknown200310.502
ContraluzRamos Generales20037.001
ContrarianMinor Complexities20079.001
Corey & MapleHome In The Universe200712.001
CosmografThe Man Left in Space20139.001
Cotters BequestLand Of The Vast Horizon20068.001
Coupla ProgEdmundo Lopez20019.001
CourtFrost of watermelon20079.001
Ben CravenGreat & Terrible Potions20119.502
CrossUncovered Heart19886.001
Thierry CrusemLes couloirs de l'amer etonnant20038.001
Cryptic VisionLive At ROSFest 2005200511.001
Crystal BreedThe Place Unknown201112.001
Crystal LakeSafe200910.001
Crystal PalaceThrough The Years (1995 - 2005)20059.001
Culpeper's OrchardCulpeper's Orchard19719.001
Culpeper's OrchardSecond Sight19727.001
Cure for GravityCure for Gravity20169.001
Curved AirMidnight wire19756.502
Curved AirAir Cut19738.003
The CustodianNecessary Wasted Time20137.002
The D ProjectBig Face20118.001
Lisa DalbelloShe198710.001
DamanekOn Track20176.002
Martin Darvill & FriendsThe Greatest Show On Earth19993.001
Wolfgang Dauner QuintetThe Oimels196910.001
DaymoonFabric Of Space Divine201310.673
DaymoonAll Tomorrows201110.333
Marco De AngelisThe River - Both sides of the story20138.001
Deadsoul TribeThe Dead Word20057.673
Deadwood ForestDeadwood Forest19986.001
Christian Décamps et filsVesoul199511.001
Christian Décamps et filsJuste une ligne bleue19908.001
December PeopleRattle and Humbug20108.001
DeeExpusKing Of Number 33201210.502
DeeExpusHalf Way Home20088.001
DeliriumIl Viaggio Continua: la Storia 1970-201020109.001
Delta Cyphei ProjectVirtual World19937.001
Delusion SquaredDelusion Squared201011.001
Demon ThorWritten in the Sky19745.001
Joe Deninzon & StratospheeriusThe Adventures Of Stratospheerius20029.001
Joe Deninzon & StratospheeriusHeadspace200712.001
Devin Townsend ProjectAddicted20097.001
Devin Townsend Project201410.502
Devin Townsend ProjectKi20097.001
Devin Townsend ProjectEpicloud20128.002
Devin Townsend ProjectThe Retinal Circus201314.001
Diablo Swing OrchestraPandora's Piñata201211.001
Diablo Swing OrchestraPacifisticuffs201711.001
Dice (Dt)Nightmare19976.001
Dice (Dt)Twentaurus20147.001
Dice (Dt)If The Beatles Were From Another Galaxy20047.502
Dice (Dt)A Long Cosmic Trip20086.001
DiefenbachSet & Drift20058.001
Different TrainsOn The Right Track19948.001
DigitalisSeason Of The Reason20026.002
DillingerDon´t lie to the band19769.001
DirtboxUneasy listening19997.001
District 97Live at CalProg201011.001
District 97Hybrid Child201011.333
District 97Trouble With Machines201211.504
DivertigoGentle Chaos200311.001
Djam KaretAscension20019.001
Dol TheetaThe Universe Expands20089.001
Douze AlfonsoCharles Darwin20129.503
Downes Braide AssociationSkyscraper Souls20179.001
Geoffrey DownesVox Humana19924.001
Geoffrey DownesThe Light Program19866.001
Dr. Dopo JamEntree19739.001
Dr. Dopo JamFat Dogs & Danishmen19748.001
Dragon (NZ)Universal Radio19749.001
Dragon (NZ)Scented Gardens For The Blind19758.001
Dream The Electric SleepHeretics20149.502
Dream The Electric SleepLost and Gone Forever201111.002
Dream TheaterFalling Into Infinity19976.002
DredgChuckles And Mr. Squeezy20114.001
droga del espirituluces y sombras200911.001
Francis DunneryFrankenstein Monster20130.001
Dynamo Bliss21st Century Junk201011.001
Earth & FireEarth & Fire19707.502
Earth & FireTo The World Of The Future19758.001
Earth & FireGate To Infinity19775.001
EastTaking the wheel19923.001
EastRadio Babel19943.001
EastLive - Két Arc19957.001
EatlizAll Of It20147.002
Echolynecholyn (The Window Album)201212.502
Eclipse Sol-AirSchizophilia201310.003
Eclipse Sol-AirBartók's Crisis201111.502
Ed Palermo Big BandThe Adventures of Zodd Zundgren201712.001
Edition SpécialeAllée des Tilleuls19768.001
Eela CraigVirgin Oiland19806.001
Efendi's GardenEfendi's Garden19790.001
ElectraDie Hits 1971-198919960.001
Electric Light OrchestraOut Of The Blue19778.673
Electric Light OrchestraFace the Music19758.502
Electric Light OrchestraOut of the Blue • Live at Wembley (DVD)20068.001
Electric Light OrchestraBalance of power19862.002
Electric Light OrchestraA New World Record19769.003
Electric Light OrchestraTime19818.673
Electric Light OrchestraDiscovery19795.333
Electric Light OrchestraXanadu19801.002
Electric Light OrchestraZoom20017.001
Electric Light OrchestraLive: The Early Years20109.001
Electric Light OrchestraSecret messages19837.002
Elephant PlazaMomentum20163.001
ELF ProjectMirage20098.001
EloyTime to Turn198210.003
EmeraldCrown of Creation20049.001
EmergencyGet out of the country19738.001
Keith EmersonOff the Shelf20064.001
Keith EmersonMurderock19843.002
Keith EmersonBest Revenge19858.002
Keith EmersonHonky19813.502
Keith EmersonAt The Movies20059.502
Keith EmersonNighthawks19818.002
Emerson, Lake & PalmerBlack moon19924.504
Emerson, Lake & PalmerIn The Hot Seat19941.605
Emerson, Lake & PalmerWorks Deluxe Edition20090.001
Emerson, Lake & PalmerLove Beach19786.437
EmpireThe Mars Tapes20140.001
EnchantThe Great Divide20147.002
Roland EndersAbout Angst | Daydreamer200910.001
Brian Eno & David ByrneEverything That Happens Will Happen Today20086.001
EpidermisFeel Me II19937.502
EpidermisJune 197520109.001
EpsilonMove On19716.001
Equilibrio VitalKazmor El Prisionero19847.002
Robert ErdeszMeeting Point20003.001
Lothar-Michael Ernst & The Full Moon BandStranded on Inner Shores20179.002
Esperanto (Dt.)Thwart & Thwack19989.002
EsperantoLast Tango197511.001
EsperantoEsperanto Rock Orchestra19736.001
EspirituLive "En Obras" '8219964.001
EsquireIII - No Spare Planet20168.001
Esthetic PaleTales From An Ancient Realm19979.001
EurekaSilverware - The Best of EUREKA 1997 - 201020107.502
Chris Evans & David HanselmannStonehenge - From Then Till Now20138.001
Evolve IVDecadent Light20084.001
EyevoryThe True Bequest20129.001
Fading HazeNature's Boy Meets City Gnome20027.001
FamilyBBC Radio Volume 1 1968-69200411.001
FamilyBBC Radio Volume 2 1971-73200410.001
Fantasy (US)Fantasy19709.001
Far East Family BandThe Cave Down To The Earth19758.001
Far OutFar Out197311.001
Ferris MuddFerris Mudd20067.002
Fifty Foot HoseCauldron196812.001
Final ConflictRedress The Balance19916.001
Finally GeorgeLife is a Killer20189.001
Finnegans WakeYellow19945.001
Finnegans WakeGreen19987.001
Fiori - SéguinDeux cents nuits a l´heure197810.001
FishA Feast Of Consequences201312.001
FishInternal Exile19915.002
FishTales from the big bus - Live Köln 20.11.199719975.673
FishRaingods With Zippos19999.003
FishFarewell To Childhood201710.001
FishSongs From The Mirror19934.502
Fish13th Star200711.001
FishUncle Fish & The crypt creepers (Live at the Düsseldorf Philipshalle 7.12.1991)199310.001
FishThe Moveable Feast20168.001
FishFellini Days20018.003
Fish On FridayShoot The Moon20105.001
Five FifteenPsychedelic singalongs for stadiums19979.001
FlagshipMaiden voyage200510.001
Flame DreamSupervision198211.002
Flame DreamTravaganza19838.001
Flame Dream8 on 619865.001
Flaming BessFata Morgana19960.001
Flaming BessFinstere Sonne / Black Sun200410.003
Flaming BessWächter des Lichts200810.002
Flaming RowMirage - A Portrayal of Figures201410.002
FlickerHow Much Are You Willing To Forget?20136.001
The Flower KingsFan Club CD 200020007.002
The Flower KingsThe Road Back Home20077.674
The Flower KingsFan Club CD 2002200210.002
Flying ColorsLive in Europe (DVD-Video,DoCD)201311.001
Flying ColorsFlying Colors20129.504
FocusFocus 8.5 / Beyond the Horizon20169.001
FocusIn And Out Of Focus19708.001
FocusMother Focus19758.001
For ExampleSWF-Session 1973 / Cancelled 197220107.001
Formula TreDies Irae19707.001
Formula TreFormula Tre19716.001
Formula TreLa grande casa19737.001
Fractal MirrorClose to Vapour20188.001
FrameshiftUnweaving The Rainbow200310.002
John Orr FranklinTransformation20097.001
FreddeGreddeThirteen Eight201111.001
Fröhling & SchickeMetamorphosen20118.502
FrostFalling Satellites201610.502
FuchsLeaving Home201210.001
Fugato OrchestraNoé201011.001
Gabriel BondageAngel Dust19759.001
Gabriel BondageAnother Trip To Earth19778.001
Peter GabrielHIT (2CD - UK Version)20030.001
Peter GabrielHIT20030.001
Peter GabrielMore Than This (Maxi)20020.001
Peter GabrielMore Than This (DVD)20030.001
Peter GabrielShaking The Tree - 16 Golden Greats19900.001
Peter GabrielPlus From Us (Compilation)19930.001
Peter GabrielStill Growing Up Live 2004 - 18.05.2004 Nürnberg200412.001
Peter GabrielThe Warm Up Tour Summer 2007 - 14.06.2007 Gelsenkirchen200712.001
Peter GabrielIII (Melt) - Ein deutsches Album198014.001
Peter GabrielIII198012.673
Peter GabrielUp200210.754
Peter GabrielI19779.003
Peter GabrielII197810.504
Peter GabrielIV198212.333
Peter GabrielSo19869.502
GäaAlraunes Alptraum19985.001
Gambale Donati FierabracciMade in Australia200710.001
Gandalf's FistThe Clockwork Fable201611.001
GarfieldStrange Streets19769.001
GashA young man's gash19727.001
GathererSo be it201211.001
GenesisThe Way We Walk (VHS)19940.001
GenesisTurn It On Again - Best Of '81-'8319910.001
GenesisThe Way We Walk Vol.1 - The Shorts (Live)19925.673
GenesisFrom Genesis to Revelation19693.754
GenesisThe Genesis of Genesis20060.001
GenesisThe Way We Walk (2DVD)20010.001
GenesisAnd Then There Were Three19788.258
GenesisThree Sides Live19849.754
GenesisThe Video Show (DVD)20047.002
GenesisInvisible Touch19867.673
GenesisWe Can't Dance19916.673
GenesisPlatinum Collection20040.001
GenesisThe Way We Walk Vol.2 - The Longs (Live)19938.333
GenesisBox Set 1973-2007 Live200912.001
GenesisCalling All Stations19976.504
GenesisInvisible Touch Tour (VHS)19880.001
GenesisBox Set 1976 - 1982200712.001
GenesisThree Sides Live (VHS)19820.001
GenesisNot About Us (Maxi)19980.001
GenesisThe MAMA Tour (VHS)19850.001
GenesisLive Over Europe 2007200711.333
GenesisShipwrecked (Maxi)19970.002
GenesisVideos Volume I (VHS)19880.001
GenesisCongo (Maxi-CD)19970.001
GenesisVideos Volume II (VHS)19880.001
GenesisVisible Touch (VHS)19870.001
GenesisTurn It On Again - The Hits19990.002
Ax GenrichAxymoron20090.001
Gentle GiantIn Concert19949.001
Gentle GiantCivilian19807.254
Gentle GiantThe Missing Piece19777.333
Gentle GiantScraping the Barrel20040.001
Gentle GiantGiant for a day19783.673
Gentle GiantThe Last Steps19969.001
GhiribizziPan'ta Rhei20053.001
The GiftLand of Shadows20148.001
The GiftAwake & Dreaming20069.333
Kevin GilbertLive At The Troubadour (June, 1st 1995)199912.001
Kevin GilbertThe Shaming of the True200013.001
Giles, Giles & FrippThe Brondesbury Tapes20019.001
David GilmourDavid Gilmour19787.003
David GilmourRattle that Lock20158.002
David GilmourAbout Face19846.502
David GilmourLive in Gdansk200811.001
Gordon GiltrapPerilous Journey19773.001
Gordon GiltrapFear of the Dark19788.502
Ginger TreesAlong with the tide201110.002
Marcello GiombiniComputer Disco19829.001
Glass HammerThree Cheers For The Broken Hearted20094.002
GleemenOltre...Lontano, Lontano20138.001
Golden CavesBring Me To The Water20168.001
GrassCafé Culture19968.001
Jeff Green ProjectElder Creek201410.001
GreensladeLarge Afternoon20003.001
Dave GreensladeCactus Choir19765.001
GreenwallZAPPA ZIPPA ZUPPA ZEPPA!20147.001
GreenwallFrom The Treasure Box200510.001
GrobschnittLast Party - Live19905.001
GrobschnittKinder und Narren19841.001
Grobschnitt2008 Live20089.001
Muck GrohbianMuckefuck197911.001
GTRGTR Live (DVD)20087.001
GualbertoA la vida, al dolor197511.001
Shaun GuerinArchives200411.001
guess that mess!dis-/order (a mind in mess)201110.001
Gunesh45° in a shadow20006.001
GungflyPlease Be Quiet200910.001
Rikard Sjöblom's GungflyRumbling Box (2006-2016)201810.001
Guru GuruMani und seine Freunde19758.002
Guru GuruShake well19935.001
Guru GuruMoshi Moshi19974.502
Guru GuruWah Wah19955.502
Guru GuruDon't Call Us (We Call You)19736.002
Guru GuruGlobetrotter19773.001
Guru GuruHey Du19794.502
Gypsy KyssWhen Passion Murdered Innocence19908.001
Gypsy KyssGroovy Soup19929.001
Gypsy KyssLast One In The World (Single)19927.001
Steve HackettFeedback '8620002.334
Steve HackettCured19816.002
Steve HackettHighly Strung19837.002
Steve HackettTimeless (MCD)19949.001
Steve HackettThe Tokyo Tapes (DVD)19969.001
Steve HackettTill We Have Faces19845.673
Steve HackettLive Rails201110.002
HaddadArs longa Vita brevis20048.001
Pavol Hammel, Marián Varga, Radim HladíkNa II. Programe Sna19767.001
HannaHA Life In Rock Minor200811.001
Harem ScaremOver:Load200510.001
Roy HarperWhat ever happened to Jugula?198510.001
Roy HarperUnknown soldier19809.001
Roy HarperCommercial breaks199410.001
Roy HarperBullinamingvase197712.001
Harrison, Panka & NadolnySkin Deep20065.001
HarvestUnderground Community20099.002
HarvestChasing Time20128.502
Annie HaslamThe Dawn of Ananda19999.001
Annie HaslamAnnie in Wonderland19773.502
HattlerSurround Cuts (DVD)20058.001
HawkwindAstounding Sounds, Amazing Music19769.002
Heart Of SunHeart Of Sun20079.001
HeartscoreTouch Me20099.001
Pierre HenryCeremony196910.001
Klaus Hess' Mother JaneIn Dreams20096.502
HeyokaThe Lost Heyoka Recordings20007.001
Steve HillageGreen197810.002
Steve HillageOpen19793.001
Steve HillageLive in England 197920137.001
Steve HillageMotivation Radio19778.002
Steve HillageFor To Next / And Not Or19836.001
Hinn Islenski ÞursaflokkurinnGæti eins verið...19826.502
Tracy HitchingsFrom ignorance to ecstasy19915.003
Roger HodgsonOpen The Door200011.001
Roger HodgsonRites Of Passage19979.001
Roger HodgsonTake the Long Way Home. Live in Montreal (DVD)200712.001
HoelderlinFata Morgana19813.002
HoelderlinNew Faces19797.502
Sebas HoningSongs Of Seas And Oceans20146.001
Horrific ChildL'Etrange Monsieur Whinster19769.001
House of notThe Walkabout Of A.Nexter Niode * Part 1 Off The Path20039.001
House of notThe Walkabout - Part III On The Madness Of Crowds20128.502
House of notThe Walkabout Of A.Nexter Niode * Part 2 Sexus20058.002
Steve HoweThe Grand Scheme of Things19939.001
Steve HoweNot Necessarily Acoustic19957.001
Steve HoweTurbulence19916.001
Steve HoweThe Steve Howe Album19798.001
Steve HoweSpectrum20057.002
Steve HoweHomebrew 420100.001
Steve HoweHomebrew 320050.001
Steve HowePortraits of Bob Dylan19998.502
Gary HughesOnce & Future King part I20045.001
Steve HughesOnce We Were - Part One201610.001
Steve HughesOnce We Were - Part Two201611.001
HÿdraThis famous unknown20056.002
HydravionStratos Airlines197910.001
Ice Blue OrchestraBetween Destinations20127.001
IconIcon II Rubicon20065.001
IconJohn Wetton/Geoffrey Downes20056.001
InesEastern Dawning199610.502
Intergalactic Touring BandIntergalactic Touring Band19775.001
InVertigoNext Stop Vertigo20109.333
iOStrange Tales from the Urban Circle19999.502
IQSold on you (single)19890.001
It BitesThe Tall Ships20087.333
It BitesMap Of The Past20129.002
It BitesOnce Around The World19889.502
It BitesLive In Montreux20030.001
It BitesThe Big Lad In The Windmill19865.334
It BitesEat me in St Louis198910.002
It BitesIt Happened One Night20118.001
IxionGarden of Eden20098.001
IZZIZZ LiVE20118.001
IZZI move200212.333
IZZLive at NEARfest200710.001
IZZAmpersand Vol. 220169.001
IZZMy River Flows200511.254
Jack Foster IIIJazzraptor V - Apple Jack Magic20148.001
Jack Foster IIIRaptorGnosis20058.001
Jack Foster IIIJazzraptor's Secret200811.001
Jackson HeightsKing Progress19704.001
Jakszyk, Fripp, CollinsA King Crimson ProjeKct - A Scarcity of Miracles201111.004
Jan Dukes de GreyStrange Terrain20106.001
JaneSign No. 919793.001
Janelive at home (at home - live)19768.673
JaneAge of Madness19785.502
Jaugernaut (a.d.)Contra-Mantra20055.001
Jelly FicheSymbiose201111.002
The Jelly JamShall We Descend201110.001
Jethro TullThe very best of200111.001
Jethro TullUnder Wraps19849.003
Jethro TullToo Old To Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young To Die! - The TV Special Edition201511.001
Jethro TullThe Broadsword And The Beast198210.002
Nicolas JohnThe Irrevocable Need To Have Dreams20107.001
JollyThe Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 1)201111.001
Josh & Co. LimitedThrough These Eyes20089.001
Joy UnlimitedSchmetterlinge197110.001
Józef Skrzek BandWojna Swiatów - Live19817.001
Julian´s TreatmentA Time Before This19709.001
Jupiter SocietyFirst Contact // Last Warning20087.673
KalevalaBoogie Jungle19755.001
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild)As Far As The Eye Can See201111.001
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild)The Gnomon200810.003
KandaharLong Live The Sliced Ham197410.001
KandaharIn The Court Of Catherina Squeezer197511.001
KansasFreaks Of Nature199510.001
KansasIn The Spirit Of Things19887.001
KansasSomewhere To Elsewhere200010.001
KansasAlways Never The Same (featuring The London Symphony Orchestra)19987.001
Mick KarnTitles19827.001
Kuni KawachiKirikyogen19709.001
KayakComing Up For Air200810.001
KayakClose to the fire20008.001
KayakThe Last Encore197610.001
KayakLetters from Utopia20098.001
KayakNight Vision20013.001
KayakAnywhere but Here20114.001
KayakNostradamus - The Fate Of Man20058.001
Conrad KeelyOriginal Machines201610.002
Mike KeneallyWing Beat Fantastic201210.001
Mike KeneallyThe Tar Tapes Vol. 219980.001
Mike KeneallyScambot 2201612.003
Mike KeneallySluggo!199711.001
Mike KeneallyPup.20040.001
Mike KeneallyThe Tar Tapes Vol. 119970.001
Dave KerznerNew World201510.002
Dave KerznerNew World Live20169.002
KiamaSign of IV20169.673
David KilminsterScarlet - The Director's Cut20128.001
David Kilminster...And The TRUTH Will Set You Free...20148.001
Kim SeviourRecovery Is Learning20170.001
Kin Ping MehKin Ping Meh19718.001
King FridayLet the Song Begin20139.001
King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardPolygondwanaland201711.001
Kingdom ComeGalactic Zoo Dossier197112.002
King's XXV200811.002
King's XEar Candy199610.001
King's XTales From The Empire201010.001
King's XDogman199411.502
King's XLive Love In London201011.001
KinoRadio Voltaire20188.001
KlaatuSir Army Suit19784.001
Knight AreaHyperlive20159.002
KompendiumBeneath The Waves201211.502
Thomas KonderLabyrinth201810.001
Korni GrupaPrvo Svetlo Neobicnog Zivota19968.001
KraanDancing In The Shade19899.003
KraanSoul Of Stone19915.001
KraanBerliner Ring20015.001
KraftwerkElectric Cafe19868.002
KramerLife Cycle20089.003
Sonja KristinaAnthology20179.001
Kula ShakerStrangefolk20079.001
Kula ShakerPilgrims Progress20106.001
James LaBrieImpermanent Resonance20138.001
James LaBrieI Will Not Break20149.001
Greg LakeGreg Lake19816.502
Greg LakeFrom The Underground Vol. 2 - Deeper Into The Mine20035.001
Greg LakeIn Concert19955.002
Greg LakeFrom the Beginning - The Greg Lake Retrospective19976.001
Greg LakeFrom The Underground...The Official Bootleg19987.001
Lana LaneGemini20060.001
Yogi LangNo Decoder20108.001
Last KnightTalking To The Moon20177.001
LeafbladeThe Kiss of Spirit and Flesh20136.001
Geddy LeeMy favorite headache20009.333
Ted LeonardWay Home20078.001
Leviathan (70er)Leviathan19748.001
Ben Levin GroupPeople20179.002
Tony LevinResonator20068.002
LibraMusica & Parole19759.502
LifeLife (CD Version)19977.001
Lift (Dt.)Nach Hause19876.001
Light Freedom RevivalEterniverse Déjà Vu20172.001
Like WendyHomeland20032.001
Like WendyRainchild19994.001
A Liquid LandscapeNightingale Express20129.001
Little AtlasNeverworldly19988.001
Little AtlasSurface Serene200313.001
Little KingVirus Divine20054.001
Little TragediesReturn20032.002
Kerry LivgrenSeeds Of Change19808.001
Kerry LivgrenOne of several possible musiks19895.001
Lo-Fi ResistanceA Deep Breath201010.001
Locanda delle FateHomo homini lupus19995.001
Stavros LogaridisStavros Logaridis19785.001
Lonely RobotPlease Come Home20158.502
Love de ViceDreamland20097.001
Love de ViceNumaterial20109.001
Loving The SunBehind The Rainbow20096.001
Arjen Anthony LucassenStrange Hobby19960.001
Arjen Anthony LucassenLost In The New Real201211.002
Lunatic SoulLunatic Soul200810.002
M. FrogM. Frog197311.001
MachiavelVirtual sun199911.001
Duncan MackayScore19779.001
Madame Blavatsky OverdriveIdiot Jones Will Have His Day20067.001
Made In SwedenWhere Do We Begin19766.001
MagentaThe Singles Complete20159.002
MagentaWe are legend201711.001
MagentaLive: On Our Way To Who Knows Where20129.001
MagnoliaLa Zona D'Ombra201211.001
Nick MagnusHexameron200411.001
Major ParkinsonSongs From A Solitary Home201012.001
Major ParkinsonMajor Parkinson200810.001
Man2 Ozs.Of Plastic With A Hole In The Middle19698.001
ManRhinos, Winos And Lunatics197410.001
Man On FireChrysalis201111.003
Manfred Mann Chapter ThreeVolume 2197010.001
MangroveMore Or Less... an acoustic evening20118.002
EH! Geoff Mann BandLoud Symbols199010.001
Manfred Mann's Earth BandAngel Station19798.002
Manfred Mann's Earth BandMessin'19739.001
Manfred Mann's Earth BandCriminal Tango19865.001
Manfred Mann's Earth BandMasque19874.001
Manfred Mann's Earth BandBudapest Live19839.002
Manfred Mann's Earth BandChance19807.002
Manfred Mann's Earth BandGlorified Magnified19729.001
Manfred Mann's Earth BandManfred Mann's Earth Band19727.001
Manfred Mann's Earth BandSoft Vengeance19965.502
ManningAnser´s Tree200610.673
ManningOne Small Step...20058.805
ManningA Matter Of Life & Death (The Journal Of Abel Mann)20047.254
Gérard MansetLa Mort d'Orion197012.001
Mantra VegaThe Illusion's Reckoning20167.502
Phil Manzanera6pm200412.502
Phil ManzaneraDiamond Head197510.001
MarathonThe First Run199411.002
Marathon (IT)Sublime Dreams19948.001
Marc Ribot's Ceramic DogParty Intellectuals200811.001
MarillionLess Is More20098.001
MarillionBest of20030.001
MarillionBest of both worlds19970.001
Marillionthe official bootleg box set vol 220100.001
MarillionHolidays in Eden19915.005
MarillionSomewhere Else20078.673
MarillionLive In Caracas19936.001
MarillionLive At The Borderline19928.001
MarquetteHuman Reparation201511.002
Martin CircusEn direct du Rock'N Roll Circus19697.001
Martin CircusActe II197010.001
Melanie Mau & Martin SchnellaThe Oblivion Tales20170.002
Melanie Mau & Martin SchnellaGray Matters201512.001
Melanie Mau & Martin SchnellaGray Matters - Live in Concert20170.002
MavaraSeason of Salvation201210.001
MayfairDie Flucht199511.001
Ian McDonaldDrivers Eyes19993.673
Mecki Mark MenMarathon19717.001
Mecki Mark MenMecki Mark Men196712.001
Mecki Mark MenRunning In The Summer Night19698.001
Paul Menel and the EssentialsSpare Parts for Broken Hearts20175.001
Metamorfosi...E Fu Il Sesto Giorno19722.001
MezquitaCalifas del Rock19818.001
Midnight SunWalking Circles19728.001
Midnight SunMidnight Dream19747.001
Mike & The MechanicsMike + The Mechanics198511.001
Mike & The MechanicsRewired20048.001
Mike & The MechanicsLiving Years19887.502
Mike & The MechanicsBeggar On A Beach Of Gold199510.001
Mike & The MechanicsMike & The Mechanics (M6)19992.502
Mike & The MechanicsWord Of Mouth19916.002
MilleniumNumbers and the big dream of Mr. Sunders20064.001
MilleniumIn Search of the Perfect Melody20148.001
Rick MillerHeart Of Darkness201410.001
Mario MilloOceans of the mind200111.001
Mario MilloEpic III197910.502
Mario MilloMusic from the Television Series "GP"199610.001
MindmovieAn Ocean of Dreams20099.673
Mind's EyeA Work Of Art200210.002
Marco MinnemannBorrego201711.001
Minor GiantOn The Road20148.001
The Minstrel's GhostThe Road To Avalon20123.001
Modest MidgetThe Great Prophecy of a Small Man201010.001
Modest MidgetCrysis201410.001
MogadorAll I Am Is Of My Own MaKing20109.333
MogwaiEvery Country's Sun20175.001
MogwaiRave Tapes201410.001
Mona LisaVers Demain19799.001
MonjoieAffetto e Attrazione20126.001
The Moody BluesTo Our Children's Children's Children19699.001
The Moody BluesSeventh Sojourn19727.502
The Moody BluesLive at the BBC 1967-197020078.001
The Moody BluesThis Is The Moody Blues19740.002
The Moody BluesCaught Live + 519777.001
The Moody BluesVoices in the Sky19850.001
The Moody BluesOn the Threshold of a Dream196910.001
The Moody BluesA Question of Balance19709.002
The Moody BluesEvery Good Boy Deserves Favour19717.003
The Moody BluesOctave19783.333
The Moody BluesLong Distance Voyager19818.002
The Moody BluesGold20050.001
The Moody BluesSur La Mer19883.001
The Moody BluesIn Search of the Lost Chord19689.003
The Moody BluesThe Present19834.502
The Moody BluesKeys Of The Kingdom19912.001
Moon SafariLover's End20108.673
Kevin MooreThis is a recording (demos 1994-97)19990.001
Patrick Morazmoraz live / abbey road201211.001
Patrick MorazFuture Memories live on TV (DVD)200711.001
Patrick MorazChange of Space20092.502
Patrick MorazTime Code19842.001
Alan Morsefour o'clock & hysteria20079.502
Morse CodeJe suis le temps19777.001
Neal MorseTestimony two201110.333
Neal Morse?200510.754
Neal MorseOne200410.806
Neal MorseTestimony Live (DVD)200411.001
Neal MorseThe Similitude Of A Dream Live In Tilburg 2017201811.502
Neal MorseLifeline20087.405
Neal MorseThe Similitude Of A Dream201610.754
Neal MorseLife & Times20180.001
Neal MorseMerry Christmas From The Morse Family200010.001
Neal MorseSend the Fire20060.001
Neal MorseTestimony20039.006
Neal MorseMomentum201211.333
Neal MorseNeal Morse19996.673
Neal MorseCover To Cover20060.001
Neal MorseIt's Not Too Late20016.333
Neal MorseThe Grand Experiment20159.673
Neal MorseSongs From November20140.002
Steve MorseMajor impacts200010.001
Mostly AutumnStorms Over London Town20068.001
Mostly AutumnStorms Over Still Water20058.001
Mostly AutumnHeart Full Of Sky200610.003
Mostly AutumnThe Last Bright Light200112.001
Mostly AutumnThe Ghost Moon Orchestra20125.001
Mostly AutumnGlass Shadows20087.002
Mostly AutumnThe story so far (DVD)20019.001
Mostly AutumnThe next chapter (DVD)20035.001
Mostly AutumnAt the Grand Opera House (DVD)200310.001
Mostly AutumnThe V-Shows (DVD)200410.001
MothliteDark Age201210.001
Moto PerpetuoMoto Perpetuo19749.001
M.O.T.U.SMachine Of The Universal Space19729.001
Mr. Albert ShowMr. Albert Show197010.001
Mr. FastfingerIn Motion20128.001
Mr GilLight And Sound20108.001
Mr GilI want you to get back Home201210.001
Sir Millard MulchHow to sell the whole f#@!ing universe to everybody...once and for all!20058.001
Murder She WroteDiva (EP)20019.001
Museo RosenbachLive in Tokyo201411.001
Museo RosenbachExit20002.001
The Mute GodsDo Nothing Till You Hear From Me20169.333
The Mute GodsTardigrades will inherit the Earth20177.002
MysteryLies and Butterflies201810.001
MysteryBeneath the Veil of Winter's Face20079.673
Naked SunNaked Sun199113.502
Natural BreakdownAll the Paths200910.001
NDV (Nick D'Virgilio)Live & Acoustic200410.001
NDV (Nick D'Virgilio)Live & Acoustic (DVD)200410.001
NDV (Nick D'Virgilio)Karma20019.254
NektarMan in the moon19806.001
NektarA Spoonful of Time20124.502
NektarDown To Earth19745.002
NemoLa Machine à Remonter les Temps201011.502
Neo ProphetT.I.M.E.20159.001
Giorgio C. NeriLogos20099.001
NeroniaBlue Circles20088.003
New Eden OrchestraanyMAN20038.001
New TrollsConcerto grosso No. 219763.502
The NiceBBC Sessions20027.001
Nick MasonProfiles19854.001
Czeslaw NiemenMourner´s Rhapsody19748.001
Nine Days WonderWe never lost control19739.001
Clive NolanSkeletons in the cupboard20030.001
Doris NortonParapsycho19817.001
NovalisNovalis lebt!19938.001
NovalisLetztes Konzert 198420096.001
NovalisNach uns die Flut19852.001
NovelaBrain of Balance19853.001
O TercoCriaturas Da Noite19751.001
Oblivion SunOblivion Sun200710.001
OctohperaBons amigos20027.001
OctopusThe Boat Of Thoughts19778.001
OctopusRubber Angel19806.001
OctopusAn Ocean of Rocks19787.002
OHOBricolage (CD+DVD)20088.001
Ryo OkumotoComing Through20027.001
Mike OldfieldCrises19836.176
Mike OldfieldFive Miles Out19829.836
Mike OldfieldEarth Moving19893.755
Mike OldfieldQE219809.333
Mike OldfieldPlatinum19797.605
Mike OldfieldHeaven's Open19917.254
Mike OldfieldMan on the Rocks20146.003
Mike OldfieldIslands19872.003
Gavin O´LoghlenThe Poet And The Priest20077.001
Opus SymbiosisMonster20138.001
Ordinary BrainwashLabeled Out Loud20109.001
Ordinary BrainwashDisorder In My Head20099.001
Martin OrfordThe Old Road20088.004
Le OrmeVerità Nascoste19769.001
Le OrmeThe Universal Music Collection20090.001
Le OrmeOrme19901.001
Le OrmeStoria O Leggenda19778.001
Le OrmeSmogmagica19752.001
Os MutantesTudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol19749.001
Osada VidaThe After-Effect201410.001
OsannaUomini e miti - Live20036.001
OsannaTaka Boom20024.001
Osanna and David JacksonProg Family200910.001
Osta LoveGood Morning Dystopia201311.001
OugenweideNoch aber ist April19818.001
OvniEn algun reino19957.001
Jimmy Page & Robert PlantNo Quarter199410.333
Pain of SalvationRoad Salt Two201111.673
Pain of SalvationFalling Home201411.502
Pain of SalvationBE (ChinassiaH)200410.502
Panic RoomSatellite20109.001
Panta ReiPanta Rei19739.001
Panta Rhei (Ungarn)Misc Recordings (1975-79)19797.001
Panta Rhei (Ungarn)Panta Rhei 75-7920023.001
Panta Rhei (Dt.)Das Beste20089.001
Panta Rhei (Ungarn)Panta Rhei19804.001
Alan ParsonsEye 2 Eye - Live in Madrid20105.001
The Alan Parsons ProjectAlan Parsons Live19941.003
The Alan Parsons ProjectThe ultimate collection199210.002
The Alan Parsons ProjectEve19793.003
The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Turn of a Friendly Card19806.255
The Alan Parsons ProjectAmmonia Avenue19843.003
The Alan Parsons ProjectVulture Culture19852.754
The Alan Parsons ProjectGaudi19875.003
The Alan Parsons ProjectTry Anything once19935.002
The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Time Machine19995.001
Parzivals EyeDefragments20159.502
Parzivals EyeFragments200910.003
PattoHold Your Fire19718.001
Henning Pauly13 days20049.502
Pavlov's DogHas Anyone Here Seen Sigfried?20078.001
Pavlov's DogPampered Menial197610.605
Pavlov's DogThe Pekin Tapes20149.001
Pax RomanaAnd The Dance Begins Again20094.001
Harry PayutaBetween A Rock and Hard Place20139.001
P´cockThe Prophet198010.001
Pell MellOnly A Star19788.002
Pell MellThe Entire Collection20139.001
PendragonConcerto Maximo (DVD)20099.001
Pendragon"Once Upon A Time In England" Volume 219994.001
PentangleAbout Thyme19956.001
Pere UbuCloudland19897.001
Pere UbuStory Of My Life19938.001
Pere UbuWorlds in Collision19917.001
Pere UbuApocalypse Now19997.001
Pete and RoyceSuffering of Tomorrow19809.001
Peter Pankas JaneKuxan Suum20118.002
Peter Pankas JaneShine on20037.001
Peter Pankas JaneTraces20097.002
Petrus CastrusMestre19739.001
The PhaseReviews20078.001
PhenomenaPhenomena II - Dream Runner19874.001
PhideauxGhost Story200410.001
PhideauxWe Only Have Eyes for You20180.001
PhideauxThe Great Leap200611.002
PhideauxDoomsday Afternoon200712.333
PhideauxNumber Seven200911.002
Anthony PhillipsSides19799.001
The Anthony Phillips BandInvisible Men19845.001
Piero e i CottonfieldsIl viaggio, la donna, un'altra vita19722.001
Pink FloydThe Division Bell19945.405
Pink FloydThe Endless River201410.005
Pink MercuryBleeding Heart (EP)20108.001
PinskiSound The Alarm20188.001
Points NorthRoad Less Traveled20126.001
Poor Genetic MaterialParadise Out Of Time200710.502
Popol Vuh (Dt.)For you and me199112.001
Popol Vuh (Norw.)Quiche Maya19738.001
Porcupine TreeArriving Somewhere... (DVD)200612.673
Port MahadiaEchoes In Time20078.002
Portugal. The ManAmerican Ghetto20105.001
PoseidonFound my way197510.001
Roger PowellAir Pocket19809.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiPasspartù19785.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiCome ti va in riva alla citta'19814.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiDracula Opera Rock200511.002
Premiata Forneria MarconiPerformance19827.502
Premiata Forneria MarconiMiss Baker19873.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiSerendipity20007.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiUlisse19974.001
Premiata Forneria Marconiwww.pfmpfm.it199811.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiSuonare suonare19806.001
PresenceEvil Rose20088.002
Primitive InstinctOne Man's Refuge20128.002
Procol HarumLive At The Union Chapel (DVD)20048.001
Procol HarumProcol's Ninth19757.001
Procol HarumExotic Birds and Fruit19748.002
Procol HarumNovum20176.001
Project: PatchworkTales From A Hidden Dream201511.001
Project: PatchworkRe/Flection201811.001
ProjectionA Brief History 1999 - 200520059.001
ProteoREPUBLIKFLUCHT!...facing east201311.001
PsykupL'ombre et la Proie200511.001
Pure Reason RevolutionAmor Vincit Omnia20096.673
Purposeful PorpoiseThe Water Games201510.001
PyrophoricDespair in Control (EP)201110.001
Quantum JumpBarracuda19779.502
QueenSheer Heart Attack19749.001
QueenQueen II197410.002
QueensrÿcheDedicated to chaos20110.001
QueensrÿcheHear In The Now Frontier19974.502
Quiet WorldThe Road19707.001
Trevor RabinCan't look away19898.002
Rachel's BirthdayAn Invitation To...199611.001
RadioheadIn Rainbows200710.254
Rags & RibbonsThe Glass Masses201211.001
Lutz RahnSolo Trip19786.001
Mikael RamelExtra Vagansa197410.001
Mikael RamelTill Dej197211.001
RanestRaneNosferatu Il Vampiro20069.002
Rare BirdRare Bird196910.001
Doug RauschBook II201810.001
Doug RauschRausch200910.001
Raw MaterialRaw Material19707.001
Reale Accademia di MusicaAdriano Monteduro & Reale Accademia Di Musica197411.001
Reale Accademia di MusicaAngeli mutanti20189.001
The ReasoningAwakening200711.001
The ReasoningDark Angel20088.502
The ReceiverAll burn20157.001
Red OrchidSky is Falling20106.001
Alan ReedHoney on the Razor's Edge20179.502
Edward ReekersChild Of the water20080.001
Reform (Dt.)Reform19797.002
Jane RelfJane's Renaissance. The Complete Jane Relf Collection: 1969 - 199520080.001
RenaissanceSongs from the Renaissance Days19971.001
RenaissanceCamera Camera19823.673
RenaissanceThe Other Woman19947.001
RenaissanceTime Line19832.333
RenaissanceIn the land of the rising sun20029.001
RenaissantSouth of Winter20046.001
RevivorThe Siege20109.001
Catherine Ribeiro + AlpesPassions197911.001
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpesla déboussole198010.001
Rigoni/SchoenherzVictor - A Symphonic Poem197512.001
Miguel RíosMemorias de un ser humano19746.001
RitualThink Like A Mountain200310.333
RiverseaOut Of An Ancient World201211.001
RiverymanMagic World20093.001
Robin and the ModestEftychia201711.002
Claudio RocchiLa norma del cielo197210.001
Claudio RocchiVolo magico n. 1197110.001
Rocket ScientistsBrutal Architecture19954.001
Rocket ScientistsEarthbound19933.001
Roswell SixTerra Incognita: Beyond the horizon20093.673
Roswell SixTerra Incognita: A Line In The Sand20108.001
Round House3-D20066.502
Andrew RoussakNo Trespassing20087.001
RousseauAt The Cinema20014.002
Roxy MusicLive at the Apollo200211.001
Roxy MusicManifesto19799.001
Roxy MusicFlesh + Blood19805.001
Roxy MusicHeart Still Beating19908.001
Roxy MusicLive20039.502
Roxy MusicThe Best of20017.001
Roxy MusicLive at Rainbow Music Hall, Denver, Colorado, USA200810.001
Roxy MusicMusikladen200112.001
Roxy MusicSiren19758.502
Roxy MusicThe High Road (DVD)198310.001
Roxy MusicThe Complete Studio Recordings20120.001
Roxy MusicThe Thrill of it All. A Visual History 1972-1982 (DVD)200711.001
RPWLA New Dawn (DVD)201712.002
RPWLTrying to kiss the sun20028.333
RPWLThe RPWL Experience20089.504
Barbara RubinUnder The Ice20105.001
Rufus ZuphallPhallobst19719.001
Rufus ZuphallAvalon And On20058.001
RujaNeed Ei Vaata Tagasi... osa1199911.001
Todd RundgrenHealing198110.003
Todd RundgrenInitiation197511.502
Todd RundgrenTodd197411.001
Todd RundgrenA Wizard, A True Star197312.001
Todd RundgrenSomething/Anything197212.001
Todd Rundgren's UtopiaAnother Live19759.001
The Running ManThe Running Man19728.001
RuphusFlying Colours197810.001
RushMoving Pictures198113.754
RushThe Studio Albums 1989-200720130.001
RushHold Your Fire19879.254
Rush1974-1981 (DVD)20050.001
RushCaress of Steel197510.504
Mike RutherfordSmallcreep's day198010.754
Mike RutherfordActing very strange19824.002
Jason SaditesWEVE200910.001
Michael SadlerClear20045.502
Saga (Kan.)Worlds Apart19818.502
Saga (P.)Homo Sapiens197610.001
Saga (Kan.)In Transit198214.002
Saga (Kan.)Worlds Apart Revisited (DVD)200713.002
Saga (Kan.)Wildest Dreams19875.002
Saga (Kan.)Sagacity20149.002
Saga (Kan.)20/20201212.001
Saga (Kan.)Contact200911.001
Saga (Kan.)Worlds Apart Revisited200711.003
Saga (Kan.)10,000 Days200710.002
Saga (Kan.)Contact (DVD)20097.502
Saga (Kan.)Spin It Again! Live in Munich (DVD)201311.001
SaharaLost Tapes20168.001
Sahara (US)Going Crazy199212.001
Salem HillThe Robbery Of Murder199812.002
Salem HillPuppet Show200310.003
SalvaA handful of earth20046.001
SametiHungry For Love19740.001
Samla Mammas MannaSamla Mammas Manna19719.001
Yossi SassiDesert Butterflies20148.754
Satin WhaleLost Mankind19757.002
Satin WhaleWhalecome19787.001
Satin WhaleAs a Keepsake19778.001
Lee SaundersA promise of peace19959.001
SBBNew Century20059.502
SBBThe Rock20074.001
SBBBlue Trance20108.001
Schicke Führs FröhlingTicket To Everywhere19787.004
Günter SchickertKinder in der Wildnis19839.001
Detlev SchmidtchenAnother World201510.001
Joe ScottWarrior Of Light20033.001
Second HandReality19689.001
Secret MachinesTen Silver Drops20069.001
Security ProjectLive 120160.001
Seven Second CircleDivide20168.001
Seven Steps To The Green DoorThe Puzzle200610.605
Seven Steps To The Green DoorFetish201512.502
Seven Steps To The Green DoorStep in 2 my world200811.673
Shadow CircusWhispers and Screams20099.001
Shattered SkiesPianomation201211.001
Billy SheehanCosmic Troubadour20059.001
Derek SherinianOceana201111.001
Billy SherwoodThe big peace19995.001
ShowmenShowmen 219729.001
7iebenLupus und Lea20109.001
Simeon Soul ChargerMeet me in the afterlife201110.502
Alan SimonSongwriter20170.001
Sinagoga ZenSinagoga Zen201410.001
Sine AmplitudeHypnotized20168.001
The SixxisHollow Shrine201410.001
Rikard SjöblomThe Unbendable Sleep201610.003
SkaldowieStworzenia swiata czesc druga19768.001
Skin AlleySkin Alley197012.001
Skin AlleyTo Pagham And Beyond197010.001
Skin AlleyTwo Quid Deal19729.001
Skin AlleySkintight19734.001
Guy SkornikPour Pauwels19719.001
SkySky 319817.001
Slaves To FashionArtistic Differences20119.001
Judge SmithRequiem Mass20169.001
Judge SmithOrfeas201111.502
Judge SmithLive in Italy 200520068.001
Sigmund Snopek IIIFirst Band On The Moon19806.001
SoftwareModesty Blaze Vol. II19925.001
Solar ProjectChromagnitude20079.002
Solar ProjectAquarmada20147.001
Solar ProjectUtopia20188.001
Solution Science SystemsEponymous EP20029.001
Solution Science SystemsDaemon Ex Machina200311.001
Sonic DebrisVelvet Thorns20009.001
Soniq CircusSoniq Circus20079.001
Soniq TheaterGuitarissimo20158.001
Soniq TheaterThe Journey20177.001
Soniq TheaterGlobaliced20168.001
Soniq TheaterThe Third Eye200310.001
Soniq TheaterThis Mortal Coil20047.001
Soniq TheaterSoniq Theater20009.002
Soniq Theatera SECOND of ACTion200210.001
Soniq TheaterSeventh Heaven20077.001
Soniq TheaterLife Seeker20088.001
Alan SorrentiAlan Sorrenti197410.001
Sound of ContactDimensionaut201311.001
Space DebrisPhonomorphosis201411.002
Tony SpadaHuman Element20048.001
Special ProvidenceSoul Alert201112.001
SpectrumPart One19719.001
Spellbound DazzleUnreal Fairytales201111.001
SpiralingTime Travel Made Easy200811.001
SpirogyraOld Boot Wine19727.001
Spock's BeardThe Kindness Of Strangers199811.333
Spock's BeardDay For Night19999.002
Spock's BeardAll On A Sunday (Single)20011.002
Spock's BeardV200011.254
Spock's BeardDon't Try This At Home (DVD)200210.001
Spock's BeardSnow200212.503
Spock's BeardFeel Euphoria Ltd. Edition20037.205
Spock's BeardSkin (Single)19993.002
Spock's BeardNoise Floor20189.333
StarcastleReal to Reel19782.001
The Stationall that lies between...200410.001
Felix StefanoffTwo Summers201010.001
Stern-Combo MeissenStundenschlag198210.002
Stern-Combo Meissen40 Jahre20046.001
Stern-Combo MeissenHits19960.001
Steve Morse BandStand Up19859.001
Dave Stewart and Barbara GaskinThe Big Idea199012.001
Roine StoltWall Street Voodoo20058.836
Roine StoltThe lonely heartbeat19893.002
Stormy SixUn concerto19959.001
StrangefishThe Spotlight Effect201810.001
Strawberry FieldsLive20120.001
Strawberry FieldsRivers Gone Dry20090.001
The StrawbsBursting At The Seams19738.001
The StrawbsBurning For You19775.001
The StrawbsDeep Cuts19766.001
The StrawbsHero and Heroine19749.502
The StrawbsGhosts19759.001
The StrawbsGrave New World19727.001
Stream of PassionEmbrace the storm20059.001
Daryl StuermerSteppin' Out19882.001
Daryl StuermerGo20075.002
StyxThe Mission201710.001
StyxOne with everything20069.001
StyxStyx II19737.003
StyxThe complete Wooden Nickel Recordings20050.001
StyxEdge Of The Century19904.001
StyxKilroy Was Here19835.002
StyxCrystal Ball19769.002
StyxThe Grand Illusion19779.254
StyxPieces of Eight197810.502
StyxArch allies - Live at Riverport20008.001
StyxCaught In The Act198411.001
StyxReturn To Paradise199710.001
StyxStyxworld Live 200120019.002
StyxThe serpent is rising19737.333
StyxBig Bang Theory20056.002
StyxMan of miracles19746.502
SubsignalLa Muerta201812.002
Sun DomingoLive In Montreal - Marillion Weekend 09200910.001
Supernal EndgameTouch the Sky Volume II201410.001
Supernal EndgameTouch The Sky20109.001
SupersisterSpiral Staircase19749.001
SupertrampLive '8819882.002
SupertrampCrisis? What Crisis?19759.001
SupertrampIndelibly Stamped19717.001
SupertrampSome Things Never Change19978.333
SupertrampFree As A Bird19872.001
SupertrampBreakfast In America19799.001
Supertramp...Famous Last Words19825.001
Damo Suzuki BandV.E.R.N.I.S.S.A.G.E19988.001
SylvanForce Of Gravity20099.002
Nad SylvanCourting the widow20156.001
Nad SylvanThe Bride said No201711.001
David Sylvian & Ryuichi SakamotoWorld Citizen (Single)200311.001
Symphonic SlamSymphonic Slam19768.002
The SynBig Sky (a chance to get it right)20094.001
SyzygysComplete Studio Recordings20039.001
Tabula RasaEkkedien Tanssi19768.001
Taï PhongWindows197610.673
Taï PhongLast flight19797.001
Taï PhongTaï Phong197510.502
Talk TalkIt's My Life19849.002
Tangata ManuSeasons' Journey200710.001
Tangerine DreamMadcap's Flaming Duty20077.002
Tangerine DreamShy People19875.001
Tangerine DreamUnder Cover. Chapter One20100.001
TantalusLumen Et Caligo II200411.001
Tasavallan PresidenttiSIX Complete20079.001
Robin TaylorDeutsche Schule200610.001
T-BoWe Stay Together20064.002
TCPFantastic dreamer20118.001
TeleidofusionAround Past201011.001
Il Tempio delle ClessidreIl-Lūdĕre201711.001
Ten JinnWildman19976.001
Ter'AzurFalling Asleep20118.001
The Electric FamilyTerra Circus20179.001
The Electric FamilyThe Long March...from Bremen to Betancuria201810.001
The Electric FamilyFamily Show19978.001
The Electric FamilyPueblo Woman20008.001
The Mercury TreePterodactyls201110.001
The Perc Meets The Hidden GentlemanAges19938.001
The Raptor TrailNew World201610.001
The Samuel Jackson FiveThe Samuel Jackson Five201212.001
The ShiverWalpurgis19699.001
therhythmisoddFrom nowhere to eternity20088.001
Third Ear BandSongs From The Hydrogen Jukebox19986.001
The Third EndingThe Third Ending200710.001
Thirsty MoonA real good time19767.001
Chester ThompsonA Joyful Noise19922.001
Steve ThorneIsland of the imbeciles20169.502
ThreeLive Boston '8820157.001
ThresholdWireless - Acoustic Sessions200310.001
Thrice MiceThrice Mice19717.001
TilesFly Paper20089.001
Tin MachineTin Machine II19919.001
TinyfishThe Big Red Spark201011.502
TinyfishOne Night On Fire20099.001
Tired TreeChanging Sides20019.001
Titus GroanTitus Groan19709.001
ToehiderThe First Six20110.001
ToehiderThe Last Six201112.001
Torman MaxtThe foolishness of god20016.502
Torman MaxtThe Problem of Pain : Part 220117.002
TouchstoneThe City Sleeps20118.002
Toxic SmileMadness And Despair (M.A.D.)20007.001
TrafficThe Last Great Traffic Jam20059.502
TravellersA Journey Into The Sun Within20117.001
Travis Larson BandAnicca20169.001
Travis Larson BandRate Of Change live200910.001
Trettioåriga KrigetHej pår er!19788.001
Trettioåriga KrigetSeaside Air201610.001
TrianaSombra Y Luz197910.001
TrianaUn Encuentro19809.001
TrianaLlegó El Dia19837.001
Triangle (Fra.)Triangle (Vol. 2)19729.001
TributeLive! The Melody The Beat The Heart199010.001
TrillianCreature Teacher201110.001
The TripThe Trip19706.001
TriumviratA la carte19782.001
TriumviratRussian Roulette19801.502
TriumviratIllusions on a double dimple19748.605
TrúbrotUndir Áhrifum19709.001
True MythTrue Myth197910.673
Twelfth NightCorner of the World200510.001
Twelfth NightNight Vision200510.001
Twelfth NightTwelfth Night19867.001
Twin AgeMoving the deckchairs20006.001
TwogetherA couple of times19737.001
Tyburn TallLive...and passion19977.001
Ünder LindenÜnder Linden200711.001
Umphrey's McGeeThe London Session201511.001
Umphrey's McGeeThe Best Show On Earth - 2004-12-31 The Riviera - Chicago, IL200512.502
Umphrey's McGeeLive At The Murat200711.001
Umphrey's McGeeMantis200911.001
Umphrey's McGeeAnchor Drops200511.333
Umphrey's McGeeDeath By Stereo201111.001
Umphrey's McGeeSimilar Skin201410.001
Umphrey's McGeeLocal Band Does O.K.200210.502
Umphrey's McGeeThe Bottom Half20079.001
Umphrey's McGeeHall Of Fame: Class Of 2011201211.001
Uncle Moe's Space RanchMoe's Town200712.002
UnitopiaOne Night in Europe20117.001
UnitopiaMore Than A Dream20057.502
UnitopiaOne Night in Europe (DVD)20119.001
UniverveTimeless Space200710.001
Unwritten PagesPt.1: Noah201010.001
The UrbaneGlitter20038.333
The UrbaneNeon19999.001
UrielArzachel Collectors Edition20079.001
UtopiaOops! Wrong Planet19773.001
Max VanderwolfThe All-Star Musical Tribute to Max Vanderwolf (1969-1996)19966.001
Jean-Claude VannierL'enfant assassin des mouches197212.001
Janos Varga ProjectThe wings of revelation I200011.001
Various ArtistsHigher And Higher - A Tribute to the Moody Blues20065.001
Various ArtistsThis Is An Orange - A compilation of Scandinavian Progressive Rock19959.001
Various ArtistsSubdivisions20050.001
Various ArtistsThe Bearded's Project - Hope | Omid200711.001
Various ArtistsProgAID - All Around The World (Single)200510.001
Various ArtistsSigns of life - A tribute to Pink Floyd20008.502
Various ArtistsDie Extralangen XXL Rock Klassiker. Volume I - III200910.002
Various ArtistsCelebrating Jon Lord20140.001
Various ArtistsZabriskie Point19707.001
Various ArtistsMannerisms - a celebration of the music of Geoff Mann199410.001
VastVisual Audio Sensory Theater199812.001
VastMusic For People20009.001
Vecteur KLa Peur Du Désert200912.001
Venegoni & Co.Planetarium20077.001
Vermillion SkyeSecurity Theater201510.001
VibravoidMushroom Mantras20179.001
Ville Emard Blues BandLive à Montréal197410.001
Ville Emard Blues BandAu complet 1973-197520040.001
VillebrådAlla är här utom jag20069.502
Kalle VilpuuSilver Lining201410.001
Violent Attitude If NoticedOurselves and Otherwise20178.001
Vision ScopeWorld's Requiem20039.001
The Void's last StandA Sun by Rising Set20099.002
VoivodAngel Rat199111.001
VoivodThe Outer Limits199310.001
Vos VoisinsHolocauste à Montreal19719.001
VoyagerGhost Mile20179.001
Vulgar UnicornSleep with the fishes199610.001
Rick Wakeman198419817.504
Rick WakemanThe Burning19818.001
Rick WakemanRhapsodies19797.001
Rick WakemanReturn To The Centre Of The Earth19996.333
Rick WakemanCost of living19836.001
Rick WakemanPiano Vibrations19711.002
Rick WakemanSilent Nights19858.001
Rick WakemanTime Machine19883.001
Rick WakemanRock n' Roll Prophet19820.001
Rick WakemanCrimes of Passion19845.001
Rick WakemanAfrican Bach19916.001
Rick Wakeman & Adam WakemanVignettes19965.001
Ian WallaceHappiness With Minimal Side Effects20026.001
Steve WalshBlack Butterfly20177.001
Steve WalshShadowman20059.673
Steve WalshSchemer-Dreamer19807.002
Steve WalshGlossolalia200013.001
WaniyetulaA Dream Within A Dream19836.001
WaterlooFirst Battle19708.001
Roger WatersRadio K.A.O.S.19877.001
Roger WatersIs This The Life We Really Want?201712.003
Kit WatkinsLabyrinth19809.001
Kit WatkinsFrames of Mind19822.001
Darryl WayChildren of the Cosmos20145.001
Darryl WayMyths, Legends and Tales20161.001
Jeff WayneJeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds19786.001
Jeff WayneJeff Wayne's Musical Version of 'Spartacus'19926.001
We Are KinPandora201510.001
Weather ReportMr. Gone19787.001
WebTheraphosa Blondi19707.001
The Weever SandsKeep Your Face Turned To The Light20169.001
Werner Nadolnys JaneProceed with Memories20090.001
Werner Nadolnys JaneEternity201110.001
John WesleyUnder the red and white sky19947.001
John WesleyShiver20059.001
John WesleyA Way You'll Never Be...20166.001
John WettonRaised in captivity20112.001
John WettonLive in the underworld (DVD)20036.001
John WettonNew York Minute - John Wetton And Les Paul Trio201510.001
John WettonRock of Faith20034.502
John WettonAkustika - Live in Amerika / Akustika II – Return to Amerika20178.001
John WettonBattle Lines19948.001
John WettonCaught In The Crossfire19803.001
John WettonArkangel19986.001
John WettonThe Ultimate Anthology200410.001
John Wetton & Geoffrey DownesWetton/Downes20014.502
Wetton, ManzaneraWetton, Manzanera19876.001
John Wetton & Richard Palmer-JamesJack-Knife / Monkey Business 1972-199720140.001
When MaryTainted20179.001
White MountainThe Delta Sessions201711.001
The WhoQuadrophenia197313.001
WigwamLive Music from the Twilight Zone19759.001
WigwamDark Album19776.001
WigwamTombstone Valentine19708.001
The Wilde FlowersThe Wilde Flowers19947.001
Damian WilsonCosmas199710.001
Damian WilsonI Thought The World Was Listening 1997-201120110.001
Ray WilsonLive20059.001
Ray WilsonChange20037.502
Ray WilsonGenesis vs Stiltskin20110.001
Ray WilsonThe Next Best Thing200410.002
Steven Wilson4 1/220169.333
Steven WilsonTo the Bone20178.003
Steven WilsonHand.Cannot.Erase.201511.437
The Wishing TreeOstara20098.001
WizzardWizzard Brew19737.001
Woolly WolstenholmeBlack Box Recovered20049.002
Woolly WolstenholmeMæstoso19808.001
WonderlandWonderland Band N°1197110.001
Eric WoolfsonPoe - More tales of mystery and imagination20035.001
World TradeWorld Trade19898.001
World TradeEuphoria19954.001
World TurtleWilderness of Eden19976.001
Rick WrightWet Dream19789.001
Rick WrightBroken China19965.001
Xen84.000 Dharma Doors19999.001
XinemaBasic Communication200611.001
Phi Yaan-ZekDeeper with the Anima201210.001
Stomu YamashtaRaindog19758.502
YargosMagical Karma20128.001
YesHighlights - The Very Best of Yes19930.001
YesThe Best of Yes20000.002
Yes9012 Live - The Solos19855.003
YesHeaven & Earth20145.177
YesUnion Tour Live (DVD)19927.001
YesterdaysColours Caffè201112.502
Yolk (SUI)Fuenftens20038.001
Yonder PondPondering Aloud201710.003
Yosemite RainJourney20099.002
Dweezil ZappaAutomatic20009.001
Frank ZappaYou Are What You Is198110.001
Frank ZappaBongo Fury19759.001
Frank ZappaStudio Tan197812.001
Zen Rock and RollThe Birthright Circle20047.002
Michael ZentnerPlaytime199510.001
Zhornz comes first20033.001
Hartmut ZinnGipfelstürmer19843.001
ZugzwangFuture Visions20165.001

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